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Motor Insurance

If you are looking for a quality motor insurance product then give us a call and we will happily talk through your requirements.  We can offer a range of insurances for your Cars, Vans, Bikes or Caravans.


Needing to make a claim on your Motor Insurance can be stressful enough so we ensure we only work with insurance companies who in our experience pay valid claims promptly and fairly and whose policies do not contact unreasonable or abnormal conditions or exclusions.


In the event that you do not fit the “normal” profile, we have various facilities to help arranging your insurance that bit easier. Examples of some of these situations include:


  • Generous introductory discounts for second cars

  • Claim free ex-company car drivers without their own no claims discount

  • Convicted Drivers

  • Poor claims record

  • Family Fleet policies if more than two vehicles are owned

  • “Mirrored” introductory discounts for commercial vehicles based on the no claim discount earned on a private car.


Below is a short definition of each of the Insurance products we can offer, give us a call for a quote and full terms and conditions, we are happy to talk through any of these products with you in detail.

In the event of a claim please call us as soon as possible so we can steer you in the right direction towards getting back on the road.

Motor Insurance Documentation

Fully Comprehensive

Fully comprehensive motor insurance is the highest level of insurance cover.

With fully comprehensive cover you are generally covered for the following, whether the accident is your fault or not:


  • Damage to your vehicle

  • Damage to third party vehicles

  • Injuries to the driver of the vehicle

  • Injuries to any passengers in either car

  • Malicious damage to your vehicle

  • Accidental damage to your vehicle

  • Fire and theft to your vehicle

Third Party, Fire & Theft

This policy looks at covering the cost of a third parties vehicle if the accident was your fault, but not the damage to your vehicle. It will come into force should your vehicle be damaged due to fire or theft.


Your third party insurance policy will generally cover the following:

  • Injuries to the driver of the vehicle you crashed into (the third party)

  • Damage to the vehicle you crashed into

  • Injuries to passengers in either car

  • Damage to property of third party

  • The third party’s policy excess

GAP Insurance

If you have a total loss and your motor insurance policy does not cover the full amount outstanding on a financial arrangement for the purchase of the vehicle then this policy would look at making up the difference. This usually arises when the value owed on a vehicle is higher than the book value of the vehicle. 

Replacement Vehicle Hire

Not every insurance policy offers the provision of a hire car in the event of a claim. This product covers the cost of hiring a vehicle should your vehicle:


  • become undriveable or is declared a total loss following theft, attempted theft, arson, vehicle interference or criminal damage. 

  • be declared a total loss following an accident with another vehicle or has been damaged but deemed repairable.


Unfortunately, this product is not available to purchase alongside your motorcycle insurance. 

Motor Breakdown

Our Motor Breakdown product is provided by one of our trusted Partners, chosen as they provide a first class service to our customers.


The product provides assistance whilst at the side of the road as well as your home, will help get you to your destination or provide a recovery service for you. The product will cover the call out charge and up to one hours labour cost for an engineer to come out to you and where possible carry out emergency repairs. Unlike other products out there we have no age restriction on the vehicle.

Helmet & Leathers

Good helmet and protective clothing are essential to every biker and we know these items do not come cheap. This product will cover the loss or damage of your motorcycle clothing in the event of an accident.  This would usually include:


  • Motorcycle clothing

  • Leather clothing

  • Riding boots

  • Helmet

  • Protective gloves

Excess Protection

Most insurance policies will require you to pay an excess if you need to make a claim.  This product will reimburse the excess to you should this be the case. 

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident insurance is an insurance policy that provides compensation in the event of injuries, disability or death caused solely by violent, accidental, external and visible events.  You can purchase Personal Accident for yourself or a group policy for your family, protecting you and them anywhere in the world.  Personal Accident cover usually includes:

  • Accidental death

  • Permanent disablement

  • Temporary total or partial disablement

  • Medical expenses

  • Funeral expenses

Motor Legal Expenses

If you are involved in a motor accident that wasn't your fault, Motor Legal Expenses Insurance is there to help you recover any losses which are not covered by your general motor insurance policy and pursue compensation from the driver at fault.  This could include:


  • Damage to personal belongings in your vehicle

  • Loss of the use of your vehicle

  • Vehicle repair costs if you are not comprehensively insured

  • Your policy excess

  • Injury to you or your passengers

Third Party, Fire & Theft
GAP Insurance
Replacement Vehicle Hire
Motor Breakdown
Helmet & Leathers
Motor Legal Expenses
Personal Accident Insurance
Excess Protection
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